Freedom is toughness.
Not on the face
But deep under the surface.

Freedom is strength
That keeps you upright & tranquil
From head to the ankles.
Irrespective of the toil or turmoil.

Freedom is courage.
To believe in the grind
And also be kind
Ohers be ready to quit
But you wish to hit big!

Freedom is being yourself.
Believing in self-approval
Even when the world is cruel.
Where you choose your muse.
Where the only eyes
That you need to satisfy
Are thy.

The cycle.

Lush green,
A Beautiful scene.
As nature showers,
The bud flowers.

With the bloom
Comes the perfume.
Filling the air
So gentle, so fair.

Earlier underground,
Out of sight.
Now stands erect and upright.
Swings with the wind.
It Grows,
It flourishes
Gets twisted and turned,
But keeps facing the light
The sun.
Stretching towards the sky.
It shines
It blooms.
Then reclines.
And back into mother earth, it perishes.

This is the cycle of life,
And our lives too go around
Says the sick husband,
To his wife.
Who is reluctant,
Asking her to get accustomed.
As there’s no escape,
& that’s how the life shapes .


Hey May
Hear me out,
You know what this is about.

Pay attention and listen,
Help them go the distance!
I have to mention,
You need to turn down the tension.

Show them hues
After the pale views.
Show them light,
After the fright
Of black and white.

Be soft, Be gay
Be positive all day!
Keep the miseries out of way
And negatives at bay.
With fierce tears, I pray.
Don’t allow the wrong reel replay.
May the love win, as they say.

Night sky.

The stars twinkle.
As if, listening to my Jingle.
Rhyming with my song,
They too sing along.
This doesn’t last long,
Ah! Remorse.
But, is enough to make me strong.

It is the devine force,
Which knows all my hopes.
The great energy source.
Whose blessings
Are Upon me in full course.

Something about the night sky,
Keeps me high.
Keeps my worries and sorrows
In stand by.
What does it  imply?

I’am tongue tied.
But, it hears my cries.
It is my true guide.
Subsiding the negatives,
Hiding them for a while.
The night sky
Sings me a lullaby.


His height
Her weight
His body
Her waist.
They point
They critisize!
Keeping others on gunpoint.
But at what price?

They call themselves civilized!
Giving unnecessary advice.
“Just saying”.
But fail to analyse.
It is torture in disguise.

When will they recognise?

Don’t afflict them
Don’t conflict them!

Stop bashing folks
Destroying other’s hopes.
Stop pushing them off slope
You are suffocating them!
Making it difficult to cope.

What does all this reflect?
Your own insecurities,
You’re trying to protect.

Self hate and self doubt
Is what it creates.
Don’t make their lives stagnate.
Embrace and let celebrate.

Nobody is meant to correct,
The way He created all is perfect.


Distance could shatter,
But bought them close.

With fights & arguments
it would get gross.
They would ponder, think over & surrender.

Time played it’s part
Put questions and
doubts in their heart.

They realised it soon,
it’s a test!
Test, how long would it last?

They will surpass,
the negatives and the gloom
Break them down like thin glass.
And the hearts will illume.

Together they grow
As their feelings flow.
Lost in beautiful hangover.
Their love is like Four leaf Clover.


Beautiful & serene,
Aged fifteen
Looking at the world as a big screen.

Got things in her mind
Waiting for them to align.
With aspirations and dreams,
Her face beams.
And heart burns as it seems.

There are chains
That stir inside her the hurricanes.
Lights inside her the flames.

She will break free!
Calm, yet powerful like the sea.
The warriors in her command
To loosen the reins
To be in her  dream-land.

Easy it is not,
But the battles need to be fought.
Pain & exhaust will it cost.
Not in vain.
As liberty is the gain.

She’ll be the queen!
Intoxicate them
with her love & joyous caffeine,
And be happy
In her own regime .


Mend your ways,
You live under haze
People willΒ not be stuck forever, in your maze.
You may not understand it today,
But it will come, the D-Day,
Maybe tomorrow
Or even later. But it will happen for sure.

At that time,
The only rush in your body
Will be of regret
Β Regret of wrong ways.
Β  As it all pays.

Sorrow of things done,
Sorrow of things undone. Because this will burn.
The fire will make you feel
The things you made others to deal
As the truth will reveal.


There are times when we feel we are not part of something
We are not with people,
we are actually with!

Feels like the connection is lost,
It is long gone.
Strange things strike our minds,
Things that can break us down
situations appear before our eyes,
Which we hope are just fears in disguise.

Hopeless we feel
Hoping to heal.

For phases like these,
Strength is all we need,
Lord please heed,
For we people are in need
To rule out the toxic thoughts like the weeds
Or we will concede.
And you can save us indeed.

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